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Post  Klutz on Tue Sep 07, 2010 10:40 am

This was sent to me by a noob trainer formerly of the alliance arch dragons. please note I have no ide what thier starter package was.

This begins with the assumption you have 0 rep. And have just joined the alliance, and that you have moved to our HQ. You will receive a starter kit of troops.
STEP 1: Get your Troop Dump.
First go to help, preferences, monster type. Uncheck everything except for Black Widows. Next you need to go back to help, preferences, monster level. Uncheck everything except for innumerable. Now to begin conquering! Every conquer that is under 1 hour travel time will not cost resources. Now when you find the Black Widow you want to conquer, you need to send troops. This is also done with the assumption that you are using bowmen for your main force. Set it up to send 8000 bowmen, 1 ax thrower, 1 hussar, and 1 militia. These single troops are called "bumps" and they make conquering much easier by slowing down your enemy when you attack. When the conquer is over you will get a battle report. When looking at the report you will have the option of reviving your troops that died. The only thing that should have died is your bumps, which will cost 1 gem to revive. You need to conquer like this until you hit 1000 rep. Now that you have 1000 rep you need to build your 2nd city. First, make sure you have the following: 110 health, 5000 food, 5000 gold, and enough troops to transport it. If you do not have enough of any of these ask a high rep member near your location to help. To build the city, select a bare spot on the map near your 1st city. Click on build city. Once your 2nd city is established, build only a castle and command center. From here on here is where you will store your troops. Do not worry about upkeep on your troops, they won't die or run off.
STEP 2: Growing Pains
Now you need to keep conquering to get resources. You need to be doing all of this at the same time. Get your barraks, archery range, and stable built and recruiting troops for your army. Do not make any more troops than you can produce in a day. You need to be upgrading all of your buildings. Upgrade your technologies in the blacksmith shop and research lab and wall. Also begin using the stock market to acquire additional troops when you have extra gems available. Ask a officer for advice on what to buy and how much. As you gain more troops you can raid larger groups of monsters. To find out how large a group you can raid go to help, help, Fighting (Spy). You need to know how many troops you have. Again I am saying that you have bowmen. The ratio of bowmen to black widows is 2 bowmen for each black widow. In Fighting (spy) look ar your total number of bowmen. That number must be double what the maximum number for each level of monster you want to fight. That is like if you want to fight level 10 overwhelming black widows the max number for them is 4200000 that means you need 8400000 bowmen plus bumps. Keep raiding until you have 2 million rep.
STEP 3: Got Army?
You are no longer allowed to raid unless you have the permission of an officer or you are raiding for resources. Continue upgrading your city, technologies, and recruiting troops. None of these should stop. You need to get 5000 ballista. Buy them in the stock market or get them off of another member. Use these ballistas and your bumps to begin conquering innumerable Reapers. Keep conquering Reapers until you have 20000. Once you have 20000 reapers start capturing level 6 overwhelming Lizzards. You will constantly have losses of reapers this way so after every 3rd lizzard conquer, do a reaper conquer or 2. Do not let your reaper stock drop below 18000. Once you have 3 million lizzards, start using the 3 million lizzards and your bumps to begin capturing level 10 overwhelming black widows. When you have 2 million black widows, you are ready to move on.
STEP 4: I want a County too!
Before you capture any county ask for and wait for your commander's permission. Once permission is granted, you need to "tap" the county. Do this by sending 1 ax thrower, 1 hussar, and 1 militia to raid your future county. When you look at your battle report look at the number of reapers, and ask the advice of an officer in alliance. Tell that officer the number of reapers inside and ask their advice. After consulting the officer and getting their opinion, send your 2 million black widows and 10 reapers to capture your county.
After all of this, just keep making your army larger. You are in training until you have 50 million assorted troops. You want all every kind of troop. Good luck out there.

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