Building Upgrades, Building Choices, Army Quantities

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Building Upgrades, Building Choices, Army Quantities Empty Building Upgrades, Building Choices, Army Quantities

Post  Sully Flyn on Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:00 pm

I'm new - I've been casually playing and just trying to learn the game on the fly. But I have some questions pertaining to basic city and army building.

Basically I have't done anything but build my city which means I haven't fought anything yet (I'm a girl tee hee) - I have two cities, one on each server

City Building:

I have been keeping my farm and mine upgrading level (around level 7/Cool and I've tried to upgrade my castles (4 and 6) as much as possible when time and money/food permits. I have built and I've been slightly upgrading my command center, barracks and research lab. OK here are the questions:

1. Should I be wasting my time on all these upgrades? I haven't been searching or fighting anything on the map.

2. Should I make a second city somewhere instead of building up my first city so much?

3. What are the best building investments and how much (specifically) should I aim to upgrade them (for a newbie)?


Like I mentioned I haven't fought anything and I really don't know where to start but one BIG questions I have is:

1. How many of each type of spy, militia, archer etc is a decent amount to begin fighting and protecting my city? I understand that there are calculations involved at figuring out how to defeat enemies based on their quanity and what range they are capable of fighting. My question requires just a rough estimate - so 500 militia? 1000 militia? Just for a newbie who wants to fight their first enermy.

2. Research - What upgrade levels should I try to attain for fighting skills and armor? (again keeping in mind I just want something to fight a lower level enemy).

Lastly - PVP:

I'm still not on the right page about this. This may be a silly question - and maybe I'm just bad and bored with lots of the threads on the pocket empire blog page but when PVP takes place will it be a free-for-all? - meaning will my cities randomly get attacked by anyone without me participating or wanting to participate?

And I guess just basically what will PVP involve and how it will work?

OK thanks for any feedback. I appreciate it!

Sully Flyn

Server 1
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Sully Flyn

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Building Upgrades, Building Choices, Army Quantities Empty Re: Building Upgrades, Building Choices, Army Quantities

Post  Justin McG on Fri Apr 23, 2010 12:52 am

Well if ur wanting to just fight low level monsters stick to goblins or orcs there really easy recruit ~200 swordsman and 100 Bowman (for starters) and only fight the following (I've tested these so theyll win)-

Few-goblin,orc,lizard,black widow,sprawn
Several-goblin,orc,lizard,black widow,sprawn
Pack-goblin,orc,black widow,sprawn,(a few more swordsman and then lizards)

After this gets too easy for u just pm me (name-justin mcglothlin)

Justin McG

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